Call for Papers

This workshop aims at investigating the close relationship between IoT and AAL, in a data-oriented perspective, and at different layers: from the technologies enabling sensor data collection, to the communication architectures needed to support data transfer, to the reasoning techniques applied to data, in order to generate the information upon which AAL services and functionalities are built.

Among the topics of interest, a non-exhaustive list includes:

  • use of emerging networking, sensing and tracking technologies for AAL
  • IoT enabled signal acquisition, analysis, and processing for activity identification and recognition in AAL
  • low power communication technologies
  • green IoT and sustainable solutions for AAL
  • cloud and mobile cloud architectures supporting AAL through IoT
  • privacy-preserving data processing techniques
  • big data, analytics, and signal processing for AAL enabled by an IoT approach
  • machine learning to enable AAL services (behavioral analysis, gesture and action recognition, fall prevention and detection, intake monitoring, anomalous patterns detection, sleep monitoring, etc…)
  • datasets to enable benchmarking of machine learning algorithms for AAL applications
  • new design paradigms in human-machine interaction for AAL
  • smart and sustainable IoT solutions for AAL
  • implementation of Social IoT for AAL
  • sensor webs and AAL
  • semantic web of things for AAL
  • distributed sensing and alarming technologies for AAL
  • smart interfaces for AAL
  • user-adapted interaction with AAL smart objects
  • models of context and context awareness
  • IoT applications, systems, and testbeds for AAL
  • IoT for AAL devices and accessibility
  • Future directions in IoT for AAL

Download Call for Papers here.

Important dates

  • Paper submission deadline: February 28, 2017 March 7, 2017 (EXTENDED)
  • Acceptance/rejection announcement: March 31, 2017
  • Final workshop papers due: April 30, 2017
  • Workshop date: June 8, 2017